Colosseum Codex: Accelerator Cohort 1, Jupiter Working Group for Developers, SNS Records V2

Colosseum Codex: Accelerator Cohort 1, Jupiter Working Group for Developers, SNS Records V2

🚀 Colosseum Accelerator Cohort 1

Colosseum has announced the inaugural Colosseum accelerator cohort! 

The group is made up of 10 winners from the recent Solana Renaissance Hackathon. 1,071 teams submitted products in the competition, resulting in 34 winning projects.

From the pool of 34 winners, Colosseum selected 10 startups that showed they had the technical talent, speed, vision, and competitive drive required to build standout products that will grow the Solana ecosystem.

The following startups will be joining Colosseum Cohort 1:

Ore: A new digital currency that allows anyone to mine using a novel proof-of-work algorithm on the Solana blockchain.

Urani: An intent-based swap aggregator bringing protection against toxic MEV at the application layer.

DBunker: An open network for DePIN financial derivatives and supply-side aggregation.

DeCharge: An EV charging network integrated with Solana, offering globally compatible hardware for affordable access.

Torque: A protocol for builders and dApps to deploy user acquisition strategies natively onchain.

Legends of the Sun: An old-school combat battle arena game with onchain wagering and an open marketplace.

MeshMap: A DePIN network enabling generalized 3D mapping data for mixed reality applications.

BlockMesh: A DePIN network that allows anyone to easily monetize their excess bandwidth.

Banger: A marketplace to buy and sell tweets while supporting creators, curators, and fun.

Rakurai: A new Solana client boosting TPS with proprietary scheduling & pipeline optimizations.

Over the next month and a half, these founders will progress from devnet to mainnet as they continue to iterate, test, and refine their products.

The program will culminate in a virtual demo day for investors across the venture ecosystem, with a recording of the event released after for the broader crypto community.

Congrats to all the teams that made it into the Colosseum Accelerator program!

👷‍♀️ Jupiter Working Group for Developers

The Jupiter Working Group for Developers is a proposal to enhance the Jupiter ecosystem by bringing together developers who are passionate about DeFi.

This working group's goals would be to foster innovation, improve existing tools, and create new opportunities for developers within the Jupiter community.

The group would work focus on enhancing and refining existing open source SDKs and APIs to add more essential features.

In addition to enhancing existing Jupiter SDKs and APIs, the group would accelerate the development of new SDKs like the Perps SDK to meet the high demand from developers and cater to a wider range of use cases.

There would also be a focus on supporting open-source projects like a Telegram bot, sniping tool, and Perps dashboards.

Active community contributors would be supported and recognized, with training, resources, and incentives to make their contributions more impactful, ensuring they continue to grow the Jupiter ecosystem.

Developers that want to contribute should reach out to @sssionggg with their thoughts and feedback.

Jupiter Working Group for Developers

📛 SNS Records V2

SNS Records V2 is designed to enhance the reliability and security of domain records within the Solana ecosystem.

Developed by Bonfida, this initiative addresses staleness and verification issues to ensure the integrity and reliability of on-chain domain records. This gives developers accurate and secure data, and more trust in the applications they build.

SNS V2 has 2 important features:

Staleness Mechanism: Ensures that domain records are current, preventing outdated information from being inherited by new domain owners. This is crucial for maintaining accurate and relevant data across apps.

Right of Association Mechanism: Verifies that the records are owned by the domain holder, preventing impersonation and enhancing trust in on-chain identities.

With mechanisms in place to prevent staleness, developers can rely on up-to-date data that records are owned by the legitimate domain holder.

Bonfida provides assistance and resources to help developers seamlessly integrate Records V2 into their projects, including code examples and setup support.

SNS Guide: Records V2

💎 Developer News

Transaction Commitment Levels
Solana's transaction commitment levels of Processed, Confirmed, and Finalized play a crucial role in ensuring the network's reliability and security by providing clear indication of a transaction’s state. Mastering these commitment levels is essential for building reliable and high-performing DApps that meet user needs effectively and give developers the appropriate level of transaction finality for their specific use cases.

Payments on Solana
Solana has quickly become the preferred blockchain for payments with its robust infrastructure and speed of transactions with fintech giants like Stripe, PayPal, Visa, and Shopify integrating Solana for payment solutions. This article covers the advancements and within the Solana ecosystem, focusing on various payment tooling products and protocols developed by different teams and examples of specific projects building the future of Solana's global payment infrastructure.

Bonkathon Developer Resources
Whether you're taking part in Bonkathon or not, this comprehensive set of resources will guide you through every step of Solana development with a detailed getting started guide, video tutorials and self-paced courses, tooling, SDKs, and APIs and open source projects to learn from.

💸 Funding

Zeta Markets has raised $5 million in a strategic round, increasing its total funding to $13.5 million. The round was led by Electric Capital with participation from notable angel investors like Anatoly Yakovenko of Solana and Mert Mumtaz of Helius.

Seeds Labs, the developer of the Web3 game Bladerite, has raised $12 million in a seed funding round with participation from investors including Solana Foundation. The funding will support the continued development of Bladerite and its game asset market, aiming to create a sustainable economic system within the game.

AgriDex, a Solana-based platform that tokenizes and trades agricultural commodities, has raised $5 million in a pre-seed funding round to grow the current team to build the platform to tokenize and list more agricultural commodities.

⚙️ Tools & Resources

optimisoor is a dashboard to monitor and analyze LST distributions on Sanctum using SolanaFM APIs and GenesysGo's Shadow Drive.

jito-test is an example of how to send a Jito bundle using Solana web3.js v2 preview.

Audius Music is an Unreal Engine plugin that allows developers to utilize the Audius API to stream music from the Audius track catalog within their games.

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In this episode, Austin chats with Andrey Falaleyev, CTO of Neon, an EVM that lets devs build and deploy dApps from EVM chains to Solana, all while maintaining compatibility with the EVM opcode set.

Andrey discusses Neon's decentralization and security, elucidating technical details around how Neon's parallelization works. He also sheds light on the kinds of teams interested in building on or migrating over to Neon.

Parallelizing the EVM on Solana w/ Andrey Falaleyev (Neon)

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