Colosseum Codex: Bonsol Verifiable Compute, Stripe Crypto Payments, L2s on Solana?

Bonsol Verifiable Compute, Stripe Crypto Payments, a look into L2s on Solana, and Regenerative Finance

Colosseum Codex: Bonsol Verifiable Compute, Stripe Crypto Payments, L2s on Solana?

🤐 Bonsol Verifiable Compute

The Anagram team released Bonsol, a verifiable compute system specifically designed for Solana. It enables developers to execute verifiable computations involving both private and public data, integrating the results directly with Solana programs.

Bonsol offers developers:

Verifiable Executables: Developers can create verifiable executables that perform computations over both private and public data. This capability ensures that computations can be verified without revealing sensitive information.

Integration with Solana Programs: Bonsol is designed to work seamlessly with Solana programs, allowing developers to incorporate verifiable compute results directly into onchain operations.

Open Source and Community Driven: As an open-source system, Bonsol allows developers to contribute to its development, propose improvements, and adapt its codebase for specific needs. (See below in ⚙️)

RISC0 Toolchain: Bonsol leverages the popular RISC0 toolchain for the creation of secure and efficient ZK proofs that are required for verifiable compute.

Bonsol is aimed at developers looking to enhance the security and trustworthiness of their dApps by proving computations on-chain in a verifiable manner.

Unlocking Verifiable Compute on Solana with Bonsol

💳 Stripe to Start Taking Crypto Payments

Stripe will start supporting USDC payments on Solana this summer with transactions that settle on-chain and automatically convert to fiat.

This is part of Stripe's broader strategy to enhance its services by including support for competing payment providers.

In 2014, Stripe became one of the first major payment processors to accept Bitcoin, but pulled support in 2018 due to rising costs and volatility.

Stripe co-founder John Collison made the announcement this week with a live, on stage demo at Stripe Sessions with Phantom wallet showing how the Solana USDC integration with Solana will enable fast transactions.

Developers looking to integrate crypto payments with Stripe should join the waitlist.

Payments Giant Stripe Reenters Crypto With USDC on Ethereum, Solana and Polygon

💎 Developer News

Solana Need L2s And Appchains?
The discussion around Solana L2 solutions is driven by developers’ needs for increased throughput and control over their economic models. This deep-dive into Solana appchains covers how developers can make Solana more modular, examples of early or proposed Solana L2s and Rollups, and the infrastructure required to power rollups and appchains.

Solana ReFi Project News
Regenerative Finance (ReFi) is a subset of DeFi that focuses on creating financial systems aimed at positively impacting the environment and promoting sustainability. Solana is at the forefront, with several projects already making waves in this sustainability-focused space. This roundup covers what's possible for ReFi apps on Solana and gives several examples of projects that are leading the way.

BuildWithMonkes Grant Program
The @BuildWithMonkes Grant Program has renewed its grant funding with the Solana Foundation and added Metaplex as a new grant partner. The program offers project funding in USDC and MPLX for open source initiatives, consumer-facing products, and creative ventures in the Web3 space. Grant recipients will also gain access to MonkeDAO's network of partners and community resources.

⚙️ Tools & Resources

Orbit is a Chrome extension for organizing Solana wallets. It allows adding arbitrary tags and freeform notes to each account, in addition to a label.

bonsol is a Solana native Verifiable Compute (VC) that allows developers to create a verifiable executable over private and public data and integrate the results into Solana programs.

helius-sdk has been updated to 1.3.0. This update includes getRwaAsset, getPriorityFeeEstimate, Jest testing framework, and more.

Procedural Macros in Rust is a guide to procedural macros in Rust, what purposes they serve, and how to write your own procedural macros with real-world examples.

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