Colosseum Codex: Helius Developer Course, Turbin3, and Wyoming's DUNA DAOs

Frontend Developer Course, Turbin3 Innovation Labs, Solana at ETHDenver, eBPF Documentary, Wyoming DUNA Act, Eclipse and Raises, Solarplex Frames, Shadow Drive

Colosseum Codex: Helius Developer Course, Turbin3, and Wyoming's DUNA DAOs

💎 Developer News

Helius Frontend Course

Helius has just released a free Solana Frontend development course aimed at beginners, students, or anyone looking to enter a hackathon.

This course is focused on frontend development, so you don't need to know Rust or how to write onchain Solana programs.

Solana Frontend Development Course

Turbin3 Innovation Labs

Turbin3 Innovation Labs, emerging from its roots in the Web3 Builders Alliance (WBA), is addressing the need for high-quality development resources.

Turbin3's mission is to grow the capabilities of the Solana ecosystem by providing a one-stop development shop that offers not only foundational infrastructure and tooling but also a resource for developers and builders to navigate blockchain development successfully.

By leveraging the team's vast experience as top engineers, strategists, and educators, Turbin3 aims to close the skill gap in the blockchain space, ensuring projects on Solana are built to the highest standards.

Turbin3 encourages the community to explore the projects they have successfully delivered through WBA.


Only Possible on Solana | Jacob Creech

In this talk from ETHDenver, Jacob Creech from the Solana Foundation discusses how Solana is built to enable consumer applications to reach mass adoption. He provides an overview of Solana's goals to be a fast, low-cost blockchain that can handle user-friendly decentralized apps at scale.

eBPF Documentary

Solana uses an adapted Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) VM in a unique way to run its onchain programs, which enables Solana's high performance and security.

eBPF's efficiency is a significant advantage for Solana. The eBPF VM is designed to execute code very quickly, which aligns with Solana's goal of high throughput and low transaction latency.

This 30-minute documentary delves into eBPF's origins, featuring interviews with key figures from Meta, Intel, Isovalent, Google, Red Hat, and Netflix. The film highlights the contributions and tools that propelled eBPF's success and widespread adoption.

If you've ever wanted to dig deeper into the VM that powers Solana programs check out this video!

eBPF: Unlocking the Kernel [OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY]

Wyoming's DUNA Act for DAOs

Wyoming is becoming the "Delaware of DAOs" by establishing a legal framework for DAOs called the Decentralized Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act (DUNA).

Before the DUNA, Wyoming had already integrated DAOs into its LLC laws through the Wyoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization Supplement Act, making it one of the first states to legally recognize DAOs with protections in line with traditional LLCs.

Designed to maintain the decentralized principles of DAOs, DUNA addresses the critical need for legal clarity that has hindered blockchain founders and aims to mitigate the risks associated with DAO membership, such as liability and tax exposure.

This legislation is celebrated by industry experts for its potential to set a new standard for DAO operations in the United States, fostering a robust and legally compliant environment for the growth of decentralized networks.

We are huge fans of DUNA, as it represents a major step forward in providing DAO founding teams with clear direction legal compliance.

~ Connor Spelliscy, Executive Director of the DAO Research Collective

The act is a testament to Wyoming's forward-thinking approach to blockchain and digital assets, establishing the state as a haven for blockchain innovation.

The DUNA: An Oasis For DAOs

Please note that the information provided here is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Always consult a qualified legal professional for specific legal guidance related to your situation.

💰 Funding

Eclipse Labs, the development team bringing Solana performance to Ethereum with the first SVM L2, has raised a $50M Series A co-led by Placeholder and Hack VC. Eclipse Mainnet is on track for a Q2 launch.

IO Research, developer of the Solana DePIN which aims to "build the largest decentralized GPU network in the world" has raised $30M led by Hack VC. IO also started in and placed in a previous Solana hackathon.

⚙️ Tools & Resources

solarplex-frame-sdk is an SDK to help write applications for Solarplex Frames (similar to Farcaster Frames) in less than 100 lines. Frames allow anyone to create their own app, and share a link to that app on Solarplex to invoke an API or Solana program. Solana wallet and transaction support will be in a future update.

Dynamic Components Resolver introduces a built-in mechanism in Bolt to automatically generate Rust types for components using the IDL published on-chain to automatically build the types when needed in a system. The allows you to use Solana as a package registry to simulate interfaces before runtime v2 is released.

solana-mobile-expo-template is ready-to-go Android Expo dApp template. v2 adds MWA 2.0, web3.js, spl-token, React Navigation Screens/Tabs, Material Design components, and React Query.

skeet is an open-source TypeScript framework that is compatible with the Solana Mobile Stack, enabling the development of Web3 apps. It offers an AI-driven approach to app development and ensures high performance and scalability by incorporating modern development practices and optimizations.

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🎧 Listen to This

The Next Billion

Join Frank Mathis and George Harrap as they dive into the world of decentralized storage on this episode. Learn how Frank's journey from financial planner to crypto enthusiast shapes his path, from building a top RPC provider to launching Solana NFTs, and now, focusing on the challenges of decentralized cloud platforms.

They emphasize why user experience, economic incentives, and Shadow Drive's potential are game-changers in the realm of data storage. Unpacking the mechanics behind Shadow Drive V2, they shed light on how it's revolutionizing the decentralized storage scene.

Discover how Shadow Drive's tokenomics drive network growth while ensuring top-notch performance. And find out why Solana is the go-to platform for cutting-edge projects.

From securing the network with Shadow tokens to aligning incentives for users and operators, this conversation goes deep into the strategies powering decentralized infrastructure's evolution. You'll understand the critical role user experience plays in driving adoption and why aligning token incentives with network growth is crucial.

Next Generation of Cloud Storage with Shadow Drive V2 on Solana ft. Frank from GenesysGo

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