Introducing Colosseum Accelerator Cohort 1

Introducing Colosseum Accelerator Cohort 1

We are excited to unveil the inaugural Colosseum accelerator cohort. The batch is composed of 10 winners from the recent Solana Renaissance Hackathon. 1,071 teams submitted products in the competition, resulting in 34 winning projects.

From the pool of 34 winners, Colosseum selected 10 startups to invest in and accept into the accelerator program. We believe each of these startups has exhibited the technical talent, speed, vision, and competitive drive required to build breakout, enduring products that will significantly grow the Solana ecosystem and broader onchain economy.

In no particular order, the following startups will be joining Colosseum Cohort 1:


A new digital currency that allows anyone to mine using a novel proof-of-work algorithm on the Solana blockchain.


An intent-based swap aggregator bringing protection against toxic MEV at the application layer.


An open network for DePIN financial derivatives and supply-side aggregation.


An EV charging network integrated with Solana, offering globally compatible hardware for affordable access.


A protocol for builders and dApps to deploy user acquisition strategies natively onchain.

Legends of the Sun

An old-school combat battle arena game with onchain wagering and an open marketplace.


A DePIN network enabling generalized 3D mapping data for mixed reality applications.


A DePIN network that allows anyone to easily monetize their excess bandwidth.


A marketplace to buy and sell tweets while supporting creators, curators, and fun.


A new Solana client boosting TPS with proprietary scheduling & pipeline optimizations.

Over the next month and a half, these founders will progress from devnet to mainnet as they continue to iterate, test, and refine their products. The program will culminate in a virtual demo day for investors across the venture ecosystem. Shortly after, we will release a recording of the event for the broader crypto community. If you’re interested in joining Colosseum’s first Demo Day, apply here.

Congrats and welcome to Colosseum’s founder community!